Egypt Kitesurfing Safari

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Egypt kitesurfing safari --> 2023: OCTOBER 28TH TO NOVEMBER 4TH! SIGN UP:

Over the years, kite surfing has grown and kite surfing tourism has exploded. Most people who are good at kite surfing fly to Cape Town or Brazil. There are also beginners who can get along in these countries, because you also have simple spots here. If you are really going to a place that is completely beginner friendly, we recommend going to Egypt with us. We will fly that way on October 22, 2022 and then go kite surfing for a week. Especially if you are a beginner, this trip is recommended! In the next paragraph, see a travel report from Puk, a girl who came with us for the 2021 Egypt trip.


At the end of a fantastic kitesurfing season at the kitesurf spot, we swapped the Sand Motor for the Red Sea. In Hurghada, we were welcomed with open arms by our Egyptian friends. Our kite bags were piled and tied to the back of a crappy old truck and off we went, heading to our boat: The Sea Dragon

Every morning, we woke up in our mini cabin with a view of the and the most beautiful blue, clearest sea ever. After a refreshing morning dive, the bell rang for breakfast: pancakes, scrambled eggs, toasted sandwiches, slices of cheese and the popular bean stew.

A lot of wind was forecast in the first few days, so everyone was totally stoked to get out on the water. The beginners competed for the lowest spot in the Rescue Boat Ranking and the pros for the Board Off with landing. In between kiting, the tastiest lunches were prepared for us with freshly caught fish and interesting salads.

At the high-quality dinner, the nominations were distributed, accompanied by rescue Roel and his snake. During the first nomination, Porn John in particular stole the show. But Stoute Wouter's nase also won prizes. And don't forget Christa with her boundless kite energy.

The first few days consisted of lots of kiting, new tricks, jumps over the boat, the first few meters, a lot of rescues, lots of sun, lots of food and a few laughs all day long, and even fledgling romances blossomed...

And when Porn gave John the go-ahead, the bar opened. Then bartender Niek took action, he started the evening with a triangle game on wine glasses and sometimes made some jokes in between. Kliko tried to get a white foot, unfortunately that never worked.

After a day, a group of Germans also came on board, creating Temptation Kiteland-like scenes. Buurman and Mark fought for a German woman and Greetje (aka Gretig) ran off with another German. And Carina had her sights set on Tahaha, the boss of the boat, and they only went through life hand in hand from then on.

Of course, Rescue Roel had an evening full of German Schlagers in store to give the Germans a warm welcome. There was drinking, laughing, flirting and dancing. Tesscue and Beer Goat did a dance battle and with the song 'I want to swim in Bacardi Lemon', Porn John couldn't hold back and jumped off the rooftop, after which all the cocks followed. The captain tried to get rid of his chip supply and our personal dealer Tahaha, thanks to our Russian neighbors, had arranged another great ending with lots of smoke. And with a satisfied feeling, everyone went into their cabins and everyone was woken up a few hours later by Mark Sleeve 'sunrissssseeee sessshhhhhhhhh'.

After a nice sunrise and morning sesh, it was time for a downwinder to a new spot. Unfortunately, the wind failed. After the downwinder that fell into the water, everyone was slightly grumpy. Dinner could do little to nothing about this and the evening seemed to go out faster than a candle in ZW 5, until Party-Puk suddenly emerged from the shadows. Loaded with hits and a good mood, she got the whole boat back on two feet after a lot of cranking, and after a few drinks, Roellup lived up to his name 25 times.

In the following days, there was no wind, so some finally felt like they were on vacation. Snorkel safaris, dates, diving, swimming, yoga, wakeboarding with a rolling pin, fishing, skulling, supping, visiting neighboring boats, exploring uninhabited islands, deck games. Everyone was completely zen until Buurman asked what time it was... Baco-Time.

On the last evening, the boat crew had organized a surprise. Unsuspectingly, we got into the zodiac and arrived at an island with fires, music and drinks. And to top it off, they had also arranged a boat full of rich men and Polish models, causing temptation island's tempers to run high again.

The last day we went ashore at El Gouna so Buurman could show off his talent at a wakeboarding track; in the evening, our eastern neighbors had made us a nice dinner. And treated Mark Sleeve to Solero Shots. With tuk tuks, we then went to a big halloween beach party at Makani beach. When the taxis arrived, Rescue Roel decided it wasn't his end of the evening yet and he spent the night on the beach. Keffort also tried hard and hard to divert the taxi driver to an after party, unfortunately this did not work but caused a lot of entertainment.

And with tears of laughter, a fantastic kite cruise and a fantastic kitesurfing season at the kite surf spot came to a dazzling end. And we will never forget that even though a boat is quite big, a boat is sometimes very small.

The end, see you next year!!!

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