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Droomlocatie op het strand

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IKO Gecertificeerd

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Ondersteuning na de cursus (community, tips, events)

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Douche en kleedruimtes

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Tripadvisor TRavelers' choice award 2023

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Welkom Bij

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De kiteschool voor iedereen

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Klein team, persoonlijke aandacht en progressieplan

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Eerlijke prijzen, zo transparant mogelijk

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Beginners of gevorderde lessen

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Persoonlijk plan voor Jonge leeftijden maar ook oude leeftijden

The ultimate spot for kitesurfing lessonsfor every level

for every level

Beginner, already an experienced kite surfer or just in need of a refresher? Kitesurf school Kitesurfspot has various options for kite surfing lessons for everyone (young + old) in a great location next to a fantastic beach club.

Kitesurfing courses

Getting acquainted with kite surfing or already had a few lessons? Our professional instructors will help you on your personal level.

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Start kite surfing now thanks to this 3-day course! This will be the start of your passion for this cool sport. Betting?

Check out the Spring Deal

From a company trip to renting a kite gear

Out on the water independently? In addition to kite surfing lessons, you can also rent your separate kite surfing equipment from us. Extra fun: we are also the right place for your company outings, bachelor parties or just a fun day with friends. For example, we also have golf surfboards, trainer kites and wingfoils.


Go for kite surfing lessons or a multi-day course for every level.

Kite rental

Do you already have experience? Rent the latest Mystic and Ozone kites.

Kitesurfschool Kitesurfspot Den Haag

Groups & Events

Organizing a company outing or making a downwinder? Let's do it!

Kitesurfschool in Scheveningen die gevorderde lessen aanbiedt

The Ultimate Kitesurfing School

The kite hut at the Kitesurf School Kitesurfspot next to Beachclub BIRDS on the sand engine. Designed and made entirely by ourselves with love by our instructors. Our “kite hut” is located at one of the Netherlands' best kite surfing locations and we also offer:

Shower & Changing Room 🚿

Our instructors all have a passion for kite surfing and make sure you get a taste for it too. And how! Bet you'll be on that board in no time?

IKO Certification 🌞

This stands for International Kiteboarding Organization. After completing a course, show with your Card that you have been taught at an accredited school.

Hang Loose & BeachClub 😎

Take advantage of our relaxed vibe. We are professional and know what we are doing. You are in good hands! We also like to make time for a beer afterwards. Does that sound good?

I want a kite surfing lesson

4.9 stars out of 248 google Reviews ⭐️


Interested in the Spring Deal, but still have a few questions? See if your question is listed here or ask it via Whatsapp.

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