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specially built Experienced lessons

Book one refresher, cruise deal whether foil lessons with us. We might like this the most to teach! TIP: Book‍ after your group lesson the cruise deal!
  • Cruise deal: 2 days of duoles to develop more trust, to make more progress or to maintain altitude.
  • Cruise deal: ideal after your group lessons. Book this lesson to take steps in duo form.
  • Advanced teaching method: this is a more advanced way of teaching, a little more technical.
  • Waves or flat water: often booked when people are not yet able to go to sea completely independently.

Don't miss out on this opportunity! Book before the end of February and kitesurf this year with this limited deal. Kitesurf spot welcomes you to the cozy β€œkite hut” . 😎

Kitesurfles voor gevorderdeKitesurfles voor gevorderde, hoogte houden

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€39.95) with this course

What suits you?

Een stralende student van Kitesurfspot geniet met volle teugen terwijl hij zijn kitesurfvaardigheden verbetert in het prachtige water van Den Haag. Met de professionele instructeurs van Kitesurfspot en hun persoonlijke aanpak, kunnen studenten in een veilige en ondersteunende omgeving leren en groeien in hun kitesurfvaardigheden. Bij Kitesurfspot is plezier een belangrijk onderdeel van het leren van deze opwindende sport.

Refresher or

179, -

  • Lesson duration: 1 x 2.5 hours

  • 1-on-1 guidance

  • Material includedGratis headsets

  • Fastest progress

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Most booked after group lessons
Yeah een duocursus kitesurfen is leuk! Ideaal voor koppels of stelletjes. Tot snel op het water bij Kitesurfschool Kitesurfspot.

Cruise deal

259, -

  • Lesson duration: 2 lessons x 3 hours

  • A group of 2 (registration is only possible)

  • Keep an altitude, make turns or just start the water

  • To get that extra boost

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Foil les voor gevorderde, kitesurfles in Den Haag

foil les Prive

249, -

  • Lesson duration: 3 hours

  • Private, duo form 50, - extra

  • Beginner foil included

  • On request (wind must not be too strong)

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Contents of our Cruise deal, perfect after group lessons

Day 1 - Safety and Control

The day starts with a bit of theory about the wind, the kite surfing location and the safety systems. Important! When we have completed this, we will fly a kite with the trainer kite (small 2-line kite). Easy? Then we add the big kite (4-line). Finally, we're going to go body dragging.

  • Use safety systems when things go wrong

  • Knowledge about the wind window and power zone

  • Body dragging in the water

Uitleg tijdens een gevorderde kitesurfles

Day 2 - Out on the water

The 2nd day has arrived, so we will first continue body dragging with the board, after which we will explain the theory about the board. With a few special exercises, we will continue with the water start to get you on the board as controlled as possible.

  • Short recap day 1

  • Water start theory and good way to put on board

  • Natural talents can already sail!

Waterstart hoogtehouden en veel metersmaken voor gevorderden


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Kitesurfschool in Scheveningen die gevorderde lessen aanbiedt

The Ultimate Kitesurfing School

The kite hut at the Kitesurf School Kitesurfspot next to Beachclub BIRDS on the sand engine. Designed and made entirely by ourselves with love by our instructors. Our β€œkite hut” is located at one of the Netherlands' best kite surfing locations and we also offer:

Shower & Changing Room 🚿

Our instructors all have a passion for kite surfing and make sure you get a taste for it too. And how! Bet you'll be on that board in no time?

IKO Certification 🌞

This stands for International Kiteboarding Organization. After completing a course, show with your Card that you have been taught at an accredited school.

Hang Loose & BeachClub 😎

Take advantage of our relaxed vibe. We are professional and know what we are doing. You are in good hands! We also like to make time for a beer afterwards. Does that sound good?

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