The fastest way to get in touch with us is to call! Can't you get a hold of us? Then there is a big chance that we are teaching. Then send a WhatsApp message or use the contact form.

Kitesurf Location

Strandslag 2, 2554 ZZ, The Hague.
In addition to the always cozy Birds Beach Club.


Address: Machiel Vrijenhoeklaan 350, The Hague.

(Free parking).



Call or Whatsapp: + 31 6 18 72 94 44



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De kitesurfschool met de beste kitesurfspullen te huur! Wij zijn experts op het gebied van alle materialen!
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Kitesurfschool in Scheveningen die gevorderde lessen aanbiedt

The Ultimate Kitesurfing School

The kite hut at the Kitesurf School Kitesurfspot next to Beachclub BIRDS on the sand engine. Designed and made entirely by ourselves with love by our instructors. Our β€œkite hut” is located at one of the Netherlands' best kite surfing locations and we also offer:

Shower & Changing Room 🚿

Our instructors all have a passion for kite surfing and make sure you get a taste for it too. And how! Bet you'll be on that board in no time?

IKO Certification 🌞

This stands for International Kiteboarding Organization. After completing a course, show with your Card that you have been taught at an accredited school.

Hang Loose & BeachClub 😎

Take advantage of our relaxed vibe. We are professional and know what we are doing. You are in good hands! We also like to make time for a beer afterwards. Does that sound good?

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