Kitesurfing in the Netherlands, what you should definitely know!

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What you need to be prepared for Kitesurfing on Dutch waters!

You are one with nature, you tie a kite to yourself, you get on the board and let yourself be carried away by the wind.
In this blog, you can read why the Netherlands is a perfect country for (learning) kite surfing.

Our small little country of the Netherlands is ideal for kite surfing. Due to the maritime climate, there is a constant wind that blows over our country in the summer months.
As soon as you go kite surfing in the Netherlands, it is important that you know the right wind directions, of course we don't want someone to go out on the water with an offshore wind.
As soon as something happens (this could be: a line that breaks or a deflating kite), you drift further and further out into the water... this is obviously an absolute NO-GO!

So kite surfing in the Netherlands always with onshore/side wind!
You own a lifeboat, so someone can pick you up in the middle of the sea if something goes wrong...


With which wind directions can we kite surf in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands has a wide range of wind directions when it is possible to kite surf.
There is always an onshore/side wind somewhere.
As soon as mother nature has decided to blow the wind to the west, it is up to Kitesurfing Netherlands to find a kite spot where the wind is on land at that moment, a good spot could be the 'Ijsselmeer'.

Coastal wind directions:
On the coast of the Netherlands, you can kite surf with south-west wind up to and including north wind. So quite often 🤘🏼

Wind directions in waters:
As soon as the inland water is big enough, it doesn't really matter where the wind comes from, you can always choose a kite spot where the wind is onshore/shore.

Note: if the inland water is fairly small, the wind can be super gusty, which makes it not very relaxing to kite surf.


The kitesurfing locations in the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands, you are not allowed to kite surf just anywhere. Some kite surfing locations have been restricted due to the flora and fauna law. Our plants and animals want to stay undisturbed in their “home”. But luckily, there is still enough space left for kite surfers in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is not big, but one side is fully equipped with a coastline, which makes it possible to kite surf almost anywhere. At the locations where you can and may kite surf, there is usually a sign with the do's & don'ts. These locations are also often equipped with yellow bugs between which you can kite surf.

In the Netherlands, you can choose between flatwater locations and rougher locations with high waves.
The entire coastline has waves, with the exception that as soon as the tide is high, the so-called pools fill up on the beach, creating flat water.

A fantastic pool for kite surfing in the Netherlands is 'The Sand Motor'.
The Sand Motor is nothing more than a heap of sand that should ensure that the beach and dunes from Kijkduin to Scheveningen become wider, an additional advantage for kitesurfing in the Netherlands is that a pool has been formed where you can go kite surfing.

Some locations on the coastline where kite surfing is good are Noordwijk aan zee, Katwijk aan zee, Scheveningen, Kijkduin, Maasvlakte (Slufter), Ouddorp, Brouwersdam, Vrouwenpolder and Domburg.

Around the Ijsselmeer, you have a number of flat water locations, namely: Maklum, Workum, Mirns, Andijk, Edam and Medemblik.

More in the north of the Netherlands near Groningen, you will find the kite surfing locations Delfzijl and Schildmeer.

And last but not least, the Wadden Sea region is fantastic for kitesurfing in the Netherlands.


Important if you want to start kite surfing! TAKE KITE SURFING LESSONS!!

And NO, this is not an advertisement for Kitesurf spot 😉.
But if you really want to learn kite surfing, it's important to look for a certified school. Once a kite surfing school has the IKO certificate, you can take your kite lessons with peace of mind.
The International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) is the largest in the world and ensures that you can ultimately get out on the water independently with a safe feeling.


Safety comes first when it comes to kite surfing in the Netherlands.

Kite surfing in the Netherlands is becoming increasingly popular, which is why there are many kitesurfing schools along the coast. Even if you've never played this awesome sport before, the Netherlands is a great country to learn it.

Kitesurfing looks “pretty easy”, as a spectator you can see the water rats standing on a board and holding a kite in the air... piece of cake you might think.

During the first lesson, that 'pretty easy' feeling suddenly disappeared 😉... OMG it looked so easy from the beach.
However, during lesson 1, trust comes back and people experience what it's like to control the kite themselves instead of having the kite control you ;-).
An important item in kite surfing is safety, which, apart from the Netherlands, is of course a hot topic worldwide.

Kite surfing falls under the heading “extreme sport”, so the safety systems are magnifying glass. For example, the bar (control system of the kite) is equipped with various systems to guarantee your safety.

In case of an emergency, you can click yourself away from the kite within a few seconds.
YES, we are safe!

If not, we can be the last to know the KNRM call. These bosses are committed to helping the Dutch:). Please note that this is the very last option. They won't be happy if you haven't taken kitesurfing lessons.


Curious to learn how to kite surf?

Are you curious if kite surfing is something for you?

Our kitesurfing instructors can't wait to get you excited about this sport.

Already enthusiastic and would you like to take a kitesurfing course? Be sure to take a look at our 1-, 3- or 5-day course.

Book before it's too late: promotion lasts until March 1.

De kitesurfschool met de beste kitesurfspullen te huur! Wij zijn experts op het gebied van alle materialen!

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